Solatherm Control Units are independent from the grid and require no mains power connection to operate, hence, the unit will only operate and display user information when there is sufficient energy from the sun.

1 LCD DisplayScrolling display showing the array voltage and when the heating element is activated, the current and power. The second line shows the kW/h consumed for the day and the total kW/h consumption.
2 Power
LED illuminated red when the main array is connected and supplying power to the unit. In low light conditions this light may be the only LED lit or flashing.
3 Heating
LED illuminated green when the controller has energized the heating element.
4 400-700C
LED’s illuminated orange – an approximate indication of the average temperature of the water stored in the storage vessel.
5Divert LED
PV360SWT: Green LED will illuminate when the heating element is switched off and the secondary output is switched on.
PV360BMS: Green LED will flash when the output load is shared (Hot water and load shared) but will remain on when the secondary output is at 100%.